Artist's Statement

My creative process is Anticipatory Preparatory… this gives me the freedom to work in every direction and in every way without pre-judge about the rule paradigms about creating a finished “masterpiece”… therefor I do not get hung up on “perfection”… can work on many works no style or “body of work” is important… even combining styles images of artists from the recent past or far distant past is legitimate… many of my works can be finished or unfinished for years… I exercise the freedom workup and over improve transform those works and have often done so… unfinished art work is natural and freeing to my process… art works are always for sale… commissions on any scale are welcome even portraits of people animals… art workshops inspirational speaking for a fee contact:

Phone: 925.323.7798
Instagram: artmanace
Other websites:  artmanace2onwheels, artmanace1onwheels, SaatchiArtOnline

Direct studio visits are welcome by appointment:
P.O. Box 1182
Lafayette, CA. 94549